About The Radiology Clinic


Commitment to Quality, Convenience, Privacy and Service

Dr. William D. Anderson founded the Radiology Clinic in the early 1940's. One of the state's first radiology specialists, Dr. Anderson recognized the vital role of radiology in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Our mission is to make a positive difference in people's lives by delivering the best medical imaging experience in the world.

A team of board certified radiologists and technologists use the latest in diagnostic techniques to make precise and detailed images. Today's advanced procedures allow physicians to detect medical problems, often in the very early stages when treatment is most effective.

Easily accessible from McFarland Boulevard, The Radiology Clinic is located just north of the Black Warrior River at 208 McFarland Circle, North. Ample free parking provides easy access to the Clinic.

At The Radiology Clinic caring and timely patient service is our top concern. Reports and/or images are delivered to the patient's physician office, in most cases, the following business day after the tests are completed. Should test results warrant immediate action, the personal physician is contacted at once.

The Radiology Clinic's caring staff recognizes that unfamiliarity with diagnostic testing can cause apprehension and uneasiness. Technologists take the time to explain exactly what the patient can expect during a test. A service representative is always available to assist patients with any questions or concerns. 

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