The Radiology Clinic
Located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Dr. William D. Anderson founded the Radiology Clinic in the early 1940’s. One of Alabama’s first radiology specialists, Dr. Anderson recognized the vital role of radiology in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

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New Procedures Available



Low-Dose CT for Lung Cancer Screening -  If you are a heavy smoker or former smoker over age 55 with Medicare or Blue Cross coverage, ask your doctor if you qualify for a lung cancer screening referral. Cost for non-qualified patients is $200. LDCT screening requires a referral from your physician.

DEXA Body Composition - Ideal for athletes or people on a weight management program, this 20 minute scan provides amount and percentage of fat mass, lean mass and bone mass. This study is also useful for assessment of risk for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, cancer, premature mortality and other diseases. Not covered by insurance, the cost only is $99.  You will receive a full color printout of your body mass composition (bone, muscle fat). Call (205) 345-2000 to schedule your exam.

*SPECIAL PROMOTION:    Order your DEXA Body Composition and receive a free 6 month follow-up. Call now!



The Radiology Clinic Now Offers:

Ultrasound Shear Wave Elastography - This low cost, non-invasive method of staging liver fibrosis is a safe alternative to needle biopsy and should be covered by most insurance carriers with the appropriate diagnosis. Self-pay cost is $125 for US liver only and $168 for US complete.

MRI Enterograpy (MRE) - Providing detailed images of the small bowel, MRE is used to evaluate known or suspected inflammatory bowel disease, to pinpoint areas of inflammation bleeding and to assess small bowel lesions. MRE should be covered by most insurances with proper diagnosis. Self-pay cost is $2120.