Picture Archiving & Communications System (PACS)

What is PACS?

PACS is essentially filmless radiology. Images are stored digitally in The Radiology Clinic computer. PACS is also referred to as SYNAPSE.

What are the benefits of PACS?

Instant Access:

Images and reports can be distributed in a matter of minutes via the Internet. With an access code a physician or designated staff can pull up images and reports on any computer with Internet access whether in the office, hospital or home.

PACS eliminates the need for patients to transport films.

Eliminates Lost and Borrowed Films:

Images and reports can be retrieved at any time and sent in format of the referring physician's preference, i.e. compact disc, Internet, or radiographic film. Multiple copies can be circulated while the original remains archived.

Flexible Imaging:

Images can be enhanced, enlarged and rotated for detailed analysis.

Enables Teleconsulting:

Several physicians or care providers can access images simultaneously.

The Radiology Clinic, DCH Regional Medical Center NorthportMedical Center and Fayette Medical Center are all currently networked through PACS/SYNAPSE.

For information regarding PACS contact:

Leigh Ann Hobson, Imaging Director or Lesley Estes, PACS Administrator at 345-7000.