Precertification of Advanced Imaging Services

The only carriers that allow The Radiology Clinic to assist with precertification are Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama and Alabama Medicaid. Please contact our Precert Department at (205) 345-2071 for additional information and forms.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama precertifications may also be initiated by calling eviCore (formerly CareCore National) at 1-866-803-8002 or online at the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama web site. 

You can be forwarded to any out of state BCBS by calling 1-800-676-2583. The three letter prefix of the patient's contract number will be required to utilize this system.

Alabama Medicaid precertifications may be intitated by calling MedSolutions at 1-888-693-3211. 

For all other insurance carriers reference the patient's card for information on precertification.